My apologies!

I have been very busy with moving my family in to a new place. I apologize for the inactivity. I have however been making sure to log into Aard. Please check back soon for some updates and new content!!

AardMUSHclient r1955 update available!

Make sure to update your client! You can grab it [Here].  Included in this update – – misc change: A lot of plugin variables will save more immediately now, which should prevent some  configuration loss in the event of a crash. – bug fix: People have reported that the chat echo plugin was gagging certain

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AardMUSHclient r1950 update available!

Make sure to update your client! You can grab it [Here].  Included in this update – – misc change: Included DLLs are now compiled statically, removing the need for MSVCR100.DLL (which was interfering with TTS performance for some users for some reason). – misc change: The text substitution plugin should now have less impact on

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Aarcheology plugin

Aarcheology plugin update from Endymion is now available.  You can get it [here] ,  or check out the plugins page [here].

Santa Santa Santa!!

From : Lasher: Santa is here! Forum : Announce – #1291 To : all Date : Sat Dec 23 10:34:44 2017 Santa is at the Phoenix Square just south of Aylor recall. Drop by and ‘ask santa for present’ but don’t get too greedy, Santa doesn’t like that. You can claim a present once a

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From : Lasher: Reboot – December 10th 2017 Forum : Announce – #1289 To : all Date : Sun Dec 10 16:28:58 2017 * Main reason for the reboot is to add some tracking for object loads. I am working on randomizing stats for special versions of game load items but don’t want to just

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Aardwolf is 21 years old!!

Happy Birthday Aard!!  You bad bitch, turning 21!!  Today I made the decision to make the site live.  I’m so damn tired of this thing being in maintenance mode!  In such the case, please have patience as I work on it and add much much more content.  Make sure you hop on Aard as well

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I added a little bit of content to the site this morning.  Not too much for now but I’ve also been working on the innards of this site.  I need to find a convenient and clean way of linking to my map collection.  Give me a few days and I’ll come up with something.  🙂

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Welcome my fellow MUDders of Aardwolf. This site is still under heavy construction so please bare with me.  I want this website to be a decent reference guide for newbies to help them out on the vast and nutty world of Aardwolf.  Please check back often for many more updates to come.  While you’re here

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