From : Lasher: Reboot – December 10th 2017
Forum : Announce – #1289
To : all
Date : Sun Dec 10 16:28:58 2017

* Main reason for the reboot is to add some tracking for object loads.
I am working on randomizing stats for special versions of game load
items but don’t want to just blindly add random stats to things.
Adding this tracking will help with figuring out what the odds should
be for getting stats on items at all and then the occasional special
rare item. For anyone who saw the math thread on general board, that
was related to this.

Not really that much else ready but I wanted to reboot earlier than
planned to get the item tracking in, I think this first one is kind of fun
though so here it is:

* When V3 was written I made the season names correspond to a damage
type with the idea that each damage type would get a boost during it’s
season. Better late than never I guess, 10 years later I just made that
change. Doesn’t matter if it is skills, spells, regular combat, etc
all damage that corresponds to the current season is 10% higher. During
three moons, this will increase to 20%. I did also modify some of the
season durations to make them closer to the same, but the seasons
corresponding to physical damage types tend to be shorter.

* The global quest track for tier 0 only has been changed to 200 wins
or fewer. The tier 0 track just wasn’t working out as intended – it was
encouraging some players to stay tier 0 intentionally for gquests and
doing nothing to help players over tier 0 start getting into gquests if
they didn’t do it at tier 0. The rewards for winning the < 10 wins and
< 100 wins global quests have also been increased slightly.

* The duration of the Avenger ‘Righteous Anger’ spell has been
increased. (Srykr)

* For client plugin writers, there is a new GMCP option to be able to
check and change a number of player config options. More details are in
‘help gmcpconfig’. (Fiendish)

* It is now possible for people in a non-PK clan to join test raids.
This is in preparation for some work Rezit is doing on testraids and
goals but won’t hurt to get this in the game earlier.

Bugs Fixed:

* The ‘redos’ field in GMCP stats was being sent as a string when
it should be a number. Now fixed. (Aphelion)

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