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From : Endymion: Aarchaeology plugin update
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I updated this so that the Wild Card won’t break the report. The problem was that nil was returned when trying to look up the value of that piece which is not in the collection. So when you view it on bid or even in your possession it should now show blank value and not crap out the plugin. I also added alphabetical sort to the duplicates list, so that it is easier to see if you have a duplicate of one that someone may be looking to trade for. Pamphlet #’s were added to the duplicates list as well. For those still using one of the original versions, you will probably see other new features like: Multiple bags/vault can be set up. Value report at the end of the list. Sound alert when stumbling across the professor. Granted this is still a clunky plugin, but I haven’t seen enough problems with it to want to re-write it. I hope you enjoy it.Endymion

Aarcheology plugin update from Endymion is now available.  You can get it [here] ,  or check out the plugins page [here].

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