Aardwolf Soundpack v1.1.0

From : Pwar: Aardwolf Soundpack v1.1.0
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Greetings Aardlings. I’ve written a plugin that provides sound trigger events for many of Aardwolf’s messages, comm channels, and various other things. This was originally developed as an aid for visually-impaired players, but has grown into something that I think is universally useful. At the moment all sounds events are enabled by default. You can toggle on and off specific events and set custom volume levels and wav files for each to customize it to your liking. It also contains a feature where you can play wav files to each other, if another person also has the plugin installed. All commands are explained in the “sphelp” command.Please feel free to send me any suggestions in a note! Installation: Extract the zip file directly into your root mushclient folder. This is the one that contains MUSHclient.exe. Press Ctrl+Shift+P in MUSHclient to open the Plugins window. Click Add and select ‘Aardwolf_Soundpack.xml’ Done! Type “sphelp” for detailed commands and usage.Pwar

You can grab the downoad [here] from my google drive.

Thank you Pwar for providing this!

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