AardMUSHclient r1950 update available!

Make sure to update your client! You can grab it [Here].¬† Included in this update –

– misc change: Included DLLs are now compiled statically, removing the need for MSVCR100.DLL (which was interfering with TTS performance for some users for some reason).
– misc change: The text substitution plugin should now have less impact on client performance.
Рmisc change: The universal TTS plugin will no longer do text substitutions if you are using a real screen  reader and not just plain Microsoft Speech.
– new feature: An “ftts” alias will toggle a setting to silence speech in the universal TTS plugin when MUSHclient is in the background.
– bug fix: The communication log will no longer capture the DSR repop message.
– bug fix: universal TTS plugin now also reads plugin messages in addition to server output.

Avid Aardmudder and fanatic.